The use of digital marketing and new technologies, is it worth its’ critics?

Digital marketing is rather a new science, but how much value do we extract from it? It has being definitely affecting customers’ consumption, but in a which way? Is that truth that digital marketing needs to be so heavily hated and criticized by society? Does it really raised consumption when people are consumers’ initially and the life is making them being consumers. What if digital marketing just increases the quality of consumption?

Firstly, lets’ imagine a lady goes to the shop to buy a shampoo, there are plenty of varieties, let’s say by description she stops within 5 of them, no digital marketing applies here, she grabs the random one, comes home, does not like it, goes back to shop, takes another, and non-stop circle. After she finally finds what she likes, she will stay with it forever, despite the fact better products will arrive, just because she was left with bad experience and does not want to lose her money anymore. But there is another situation, same shampoo, same lady but new technologies and digital marketing applied. A lady checks shampoos, and finds 100 of amazing reviews about ones, the situation that she will face same issue as in the first place is a lot less likely. What is more, when she reads those amazing reviews, she start thinking about herself belonging to some particular community of some customers, in that case those happy ones, at the same time the loyalty to the brand is being increased. Same situation can be applicable to absolutely any acquisitions of services or products. Yes, the word of mouth without doubts is the strongest marketing tool, but without digital marketing the word of mouth is again too limited to be sufficient for the best possible choise for the customer. Furthermore, digital marketing puts a positive effect on impulsive buying. When person cannot decide what product/ service/ information to choose, and digital marketing can help to avoid a struggle and provoke more rationale buying.

Secondly, there is not only consumption of goods or services; there is as well huge consumption of information and knowledge by customers. I believe everyone has faced the situation which have been happening quite often before the new technologies that rapidly developed, that we were watching TV, switching channels constantly, and finally stopping our choise over the channel which does not really fall into our great interest, but is just one among the worst, and the substitution (DVD, CD) is either costly, either not-convenient. And nowadays, can anyone remember a situation when last time spend more than 5 minutes on watching or reading something what is really not interesting to yourself? Now we all have an opportunity to read the news, articles, or watch the movies which are interesting to particular individual, consumer.

Thirdly, digital marketing can enhance the use extracted from social marketing, which is always aimed for the good initiatives and mainly not-commercial ones. Social marketing is aiming at improving health, protecting from accidents and etc. With the help of technologies and digital marketing those good initiatives can be spread more effectively.

Finally, do you imagine how the life would look like if there would exist the same market as it is now, but nobody would be able to help us with our choise, and here the digital marketing comes to serve us.


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